Eva e-commerce

E-commerce platform

  • Built since 2011
  • 250+ developed features specialized in B2C and B2B
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • 10+ years of experience in e-commerce industry

Applicable for:

  • Medium to large online shops
  • Medium to large companies that want online presence
  • Using the platform, you can sell anything from IT&C to insurance policies, books, software licenses, auto parts, food products, fashion etc.

Success story:

  • 100.000+ items on the website
  • 200.000+ orders in 2014
  • 400.000+ items delivered in 2014
  • 300.000+ customers
  • 100+ suppliers
  • 100+ integrated partners

Front-end feautures highlights:

  • Landing page campaign: easy landing page creation for promotional campaigns
  • Bundle: bundle package of items defining
  • Multistorefront: more stores, a single database
  • Mobile theme: we are in line with the trend
  • Login with Facebook: easy access for clients using the social network
  • Frequent searches: we support the buyer with sugestions
  • Advanced search: for the most demanding
  • Price alert: buyer is notified when the item reaches the desired price
  • My account: easy system to manage personal data in relation ti the shop
  • When will it be in stock: buyer is notified when a product is entering the stock
  • Bug report: keep in mind what buyers think about the site

Marketing features:

  • Promotional campaigns: Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, all very easy to set up
  • Promotional features: pull out the attributes of the items
  • SMS/E-MAIL Templates: sent SMSes end e-mails can be configured easily through templates
  • Automated order status SMS: we notify the buyer about the order’s status
  • Whislist: we keep information on what the customer wants

Sales features:

  • Yellow box: useful tool for sellers that gives access to all relevant information about the product (price, campaigns, stock, information, suppliers etc.)
  • Price configuration algorithm: flexible algorithm for choosing price and supplier
  • Assembled products: creating new products on-the-fly based on stock
  • Add Bundle/ Discount Gift on Category or Filtered Set
  • Comments and testimonials: customer’s reviews are always a good advertisement
  • Automatic order processing: orders with products in stock are processed automatically
  • One click document generation: order related documents can be generated with a single click (proforma, invoice, warranty etc.)
  • Order identification: quick search by phone number, e-mail, order number
  • Stock status: easily identify received products by color code
  • Online payment: support many online payment processors

Product documentation features:

  • Products correspondence: useful tool for documentation department and final customers, involving smart pairing of featured products
  • Properties by category: groups of values for properties for an easy filtering and reducing user input errors
  • Automatic updates for price/stock: automated stock status import for products from various suppliers by integrating with their data base
  • Templates for information from suppliers: automatic retrieval of information from suppliers, regardless of their format

Delivery features:

  • Automatic integration with courier companies: automated AWB generation and automatic import of delivery documents
  • Delivery notes: automatic generation of delivery notes and related documents
  • Delivery in 3H: automation of order, booking from stock preparation of package and delivery process, for fast delivery

Back-end features highlights:

  • Correct reception from suppliers: automation for a correct price from the supplier
  • Products stock traceability: traceability of products from entry to exit point
  • Integrated CMS: control over personalized pages of the store
  • User rights and roles, simple: easily record the user rights for a specific role
  • Integration with accounting software: export data to different accounting software platforms (e.g.: WinMentor, SAGA, hMarfa etc.)
  • Possible fraud identification mechanism: possibility to tag IPs, customers by name/mail/PIN, as potential system fraudsters, so that it is highlighted in processing orders and payments processors are announced
  • Integrated ticketing: backend is integrated with own ticketing system
  • Product reception with barcode reader: barcode scanning at product reception, for an easier items serial number input
  • Custom bar codes: generation, association and printing of custom barcodes – for products that do not come from the producer/supplier with a barcode

Management features hightlights:

  • Orders report: track daily sales
  • Product report: track margins and sales by categories and groups
  • Cash report: track payments by customers and orders
  • Delivery report: track the deliveries efficiency
  • Geographical report: geographical coverage of the store, according to customers and orders

Go Online!

  • 2-3 days fully functional
  • Integrated ERP
  • Inventory management
  • Financial management
  • Workflow management
  • Easy to implement promotional campaigns

7 reasons to use our platform:

  • Platform based on 9+ years experience in e-Commerce
  • Proven in production for oven a year
  • Guaranteed integration with accounting software
  • Maximum flexibility: unlimited development possibilites
  • Multiple campaigns and promotion possibilities
  • Price control from a variety of suppliers
  • Reporting possibility for all activities

How we do it:

  • We sign an NDA
  • We organize meetings for understanding the business and customer’s needs
  • We estimate the project
  • We sign a contract and the first payment is made
  • We implement the platform (5-10 days)
  • We implement the design (5-10 days)
  • We start the development, if any
  • We deliver the product and the final payment is made

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