Tips&Tricks to get the most out of Black Friday

Black Friday is the informal name given to the Friday that follows Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America. This year Black Friday is celebrated on the 29th of November in the USA. Despite its original date, in some countries, it takes place on other days. This year, Black Friday will take place in… Read more »

Voice search in e-commerce

Voice search has recently gained a lot of popularity. As a result of smartphones becoming an essential tool in everyday life, voice search started to be a function that can’t be ignored in the future. Voice search is growing exponentially and is becoming more popular among all age groups, especially the younger generation. What is… Read more »

Reach your marketing goals without paying extra.

Because we want to keep our good habits, we present today the story of 2performant; our partners specialized in affiliate marketing … and not only. 2Performant is a performance-based affiliate marketing platform, through which affiliates will promote products and receive a commission when they generate a sale for the business you own. Affiliate marketing can… Read more »

Benefits of artificial intelligence in e-commerce

The benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) are immense. It applies to plenty of domains, but we will focus on e-commerce. If you want to expand your knowledge, in this article we have discussed useful e-commerce applications that integrate artificial intelligence and also future trends. We have compiled a list of ten benefits of using artificial… Read more »

3 of the best e-commerce tools for your business

E-commerce tools are essential for e-commerce businesses. The global retail e-commerce market is expected to witness a high growth on account of favorable attitude towards new shopping channels. Retail e-commerce allows consumers to buy goods from the seller over the internet. Even more, customers can find their interested products by visiting the website. The e-commerce… Read more »

Millennials and online shopping habits

Millennials also referred to as Generation Y, are the generations born between the 1980s and 1990s and follow Generation X. They are generally seen as more confident, self-expressive, and receptive to new ideas. Millennials and online shopping habits have been studied a lot during the past years. Millennials grew up in an electronics-filled world, and… Read more »

CustomSoft gives you a 50% discount for retailArena 2019

CustomSoft is offering you a voucher that provides a 50% discount for the entrance ticket of the retailArena conference. Register yourself using this link: Our CEO, Octavian Dumitrescu, is one of the speakers this year at retailArena. The other speakers are: Rafael Campos – Sales VP VTEXCornel Morcov – Chief Commercial Officer FAN CourierIulian… Read more »

Top 10 e-commerce myths explained

E-commerce keeps getting more popular every year. Statistics show an increase in the number of people that choose to do their shopping online. There are a lot of myths that appeared connected to both e-commerce customers and businesses. We have made a list of ten e-commerce myths for businesses and explained them. 1. It’s easy… Read more »

How to maximize business results

On the 27th of March our CEO, Octavian Dumitrescu, had a presentation during the ecomTEAM conference. He discussed ways to maximize business results in the relationship with the software provider, from the perspective of past experiences. A little bit of history Customsoft started in 2006, and the e-commerce journey began in 2007. 2014 is the… Read more »