Associations we are part of and chambers of commerce.

Courier Companies

Courier companies whose products we integrated with our own or we’re ready to easily integrate.

Payment Services Providers

Online payment services providers whose products we integrated with our own or we’re ready to easily integrate.

SMS Gateways

Sending SMSes through gateways, allows web and mobile applications to better communicate with their customers.

ERP Producers or Integrators

We are striving to bring the best ERP solutions to our customers, in order to be as ready as possible for an online e-commerce presence.

Loyalty and gift solutions

Whenever you need to combine online with offline loyalty solutions.

CRM Producers

A good customer relationship management solution is getting you closer to sealing deals with your customers.

PPC Marketing Companies

Pay per click marketing companies help you optimize the messages your ads have as well as your budget allocated, so you get the best conversion rate from your website.

Web-design Companies

Web design companies that help you create the best looking and user-friendly design for your online project.

Logistics Companies

Companies that offer solution for the logistics of your company.

Call center software

Companies that offer an information system dedicated to organizations that need a complete and highly flexible solutions in multi-channel communication.


A university is an institution of higher (or tertiary) education and research which grants academic degrees in various subjects.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an option open. You can choose between more solutions. The criteria are, however, very important.