Logistics Companies


Who we are?

ORTEC is one of the world’s leaders in optimization software and analytics solutions. We make our clients’ businesses more efficient, more predictable and more effective, turning complex challenges into easy-to-use solutions. Having offices strategically located across the continents Europe, North America, South America and Pacific Region, we can deliver solutions on a global scale always underpinned by local know-how and service.

What is our mission? We optimize the world!

ORTEC Software helps Enterprises minimize their costs by choosing the right innovative solution, which is developed through many years of experience in applied mathematics, computer science and operations research. With our growing customer base, we have an impact across the globe: on their economic and social value, and environmental footprint.

Our products and services result in optimized fleet routing and dispatch, vehicle and pallet loading, workforce scheduling, delivery forecasting, logistics network planning and warehouse control. We offer stand-alone, custom-made and SAP® certified and embedded solutions, supported by strategic partnerships. ORTEC has over 2.000 customers, worldwide, who make better use of their resources, support planning and execution decisions and optimize processes for maximum efficiency.

SoftOneFounded in 1967 in France, FM Logistic is one of the leading players in warehousing, transport, co-packing and supply chain businesses. The international group FM Logistic, which is independent and family-owned is the logistics expert for food, retail, home and personal care industry. It also serves customers in the luxury, health and industrial sectors.

In 2003 FM Logistic decided to open a subsidiary in Romania “FM Romania” in the beginning in Timisoara, and this is the first point of FM Logistic’s history in Romania who became a top national distribution and warehousing provider.

Whether you need to set up a new distribution center, export your products to new market or simply look for advice about ways to improve the quality of distribution to your customers in Romania, feel free to contact us!