Payment Services Providers

PayUPayU Romania is the leading local online payments integrator, having processed 87% of the volumes realized by online shops in 2006 – 2012 and over 10 million transactions.

Since 2004, PayU has helped companies increase their online sales with an integrated, easy to use ecommerce platform that puts together a multiple payment methods management system, powerful antifraud system and technical, operational and marketing tools and features.

The company is part of the PayU Group which provides ecommerce solutions to over 160.000 merchants on 4 continents (South Africa, Latin America, CEE & Asia). The group is owned by Naspers, second worldwide ecommerce player.


NETOPIA mobilPay represents financial innovation and responsibility in financial management.

With a history that has its origin in the early development of nationwide online businesses – in 2005, NETOPIA mobilPay built its leading company profile, by addressing innovative techniques and methods and by continuous correlation with the development of technological and market trends.

We present ourselves in front of the competition and of our new clients with a portfolio that includes more than 3,000 daily settlements for merchants, with transparent procedures and without additional costs.


Online payment processing

  • Quick settlement of transactions on T+1 / T+0 (T representing cashing transaction day)
  • Acceptance for payment of all branded cards: VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro
  • No fees for canceled transactions before cashing
  • Synchronous / asynchronous workflow, automatic payment notification (IPN)