Eva e-commerce

Mihai Patrascu
CEO, evoMAG.ro
A company that knows how to be the perfect business partner, either in times of financial crisis or blooming. We recommend them with full disclosure. They are young, dynamic and result-oriented individuals.

Alina Pavel
Project Manager, TotuldespreMame.ro
CustomSoft is an important business partner for TotuldespreMame.ro shop. Together we managed to develop our shop in order to respond effectively to the needs of our customers. CustomSoft team consists of professionals who respond promptly to our requests, provides solutions and are proactive, managing to become indispensable to our business. The flexibility, friendlyness and especially their involvement made me feel close to them both in times of crisis and in times of development. Together we form a team of competent and well-trained young people who develop one of the most complete online store for parents from Romania.