How to boost your Christmas sales?

All shopping centers are decorated with Christmas ornaments, as you walk inside them, you are overwhelmed with cinnamon smell and Let it snow in the loudspeakers. Though it seems irritating and too early, traders know what they’re doing.

christmas sales

According to a poll conducted by with GKI digital, Romanians are ready to spend 12% more money this year than last year.

11% of survey participants have bought gifts since mid-October. The budget allocated by the Romanians for Christmas presents is, on average, 730 lei.

Romanians are planning to buy Christmas gifts for 9-10 people, and those active on the Internet have allocated 80% of the budget dedicated to Christmas gifts for online purchases.

Take advantage of buyers’ tendency to spend more money on gifts and increase sales of your online store using the following techniques:

Create gift cards and make sure they are at your customers fingertips.

The gift card or voucher can be a special product on your store that can be purchased like anything else you sell. It can be physical or virtual, it is important to use attractive images indifferent to its shape.
Invest a little bit of time in creating banners to promote gift cards on your website, choose catchy images and place them in visible areas such as on homepage or an oversized button on the product page.

Do you send newsletters in which you communicate your offers or promotions? Includes content and gift card information. Some merchants include in their newsletters a permanent link to the landing page dedicated to them.

Make sure your marketing initiatives to promote gift cards are visible on social media, posting on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
For the best results, use attractive pictures in posts.

Target people who are not part of your regular clientele

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads campaigns can help you get new customers.
When you create the content for Christmas sales campaigns do not just think about your target customers, consider people who will buy gifts for them.

For example, if you have a women’s bags online store you can tilt in your Facebook Ads or Google Adwords campaigns and the men who can offer them aa a gift. Run a few tests on this approach and see what works for your business.

How can gift guides help you reach more customers?

As we said above, the Romanians plan to buy gifts for 9 or 10 people this year. You need to have much inspiration to find the right gift for each of your loved ones. Most of them are looking for online ideas and are using lists and articles listing gift suggestions.

You can take advantage of this behavior and you can attract buyers to your online store by creating a section or category where you can put gifts on a particular theme or for a particular person: Gifts for Mom, Gifts for Dad.

If your online store has a blog, you can create more articles to cover a wider range of gifts. Optimize them from SEO point of view and attract a lot of new customers.