How to optimize your product pages for SEO & conversion

The product page is, as you know, one of the most important pages of your online store. It’s that page that can convince shoppers to push the “Add to cart” button. How you can drive traffic to these pages is one of the biggest questions any online business owner is asking himself.

Optimizing your product pages for increasing conversions from organic traffic may seem complicated. There are a set of rules and elements that must be present in these pages so you can increase your conversion rate.

Product page SEO checklist

We also prepared a set of advice that can help you achieve your goals.


Images should be high resolution, not more than three to four images per product in similar style and quality but different angle. Use relevant and rich keywords in the alt text of every image.


Product description: it must be relevant, unique, high quality. A well-written description using all the necessary keywords may increase your conversion rates by 78%.

How to write a good description?

  • Don’t use manufacturer description
  • Anticipate and answer visitor’s questions about the product.
  • Technical detail is important too, but don’t forget to underline the product features or what problems can resolve and the benefits of the product.

Product recommendations

Make sure your product page include recommendations of other products in your store.

Video content

Don’t be afraid to use video. Google loves video.