Eva Marketplace

Eva Marketplace is an e-commerce marketplace platform that allows you to build an easily customizable multi-vendor marketplace which seamlessly adapt to the needs of your vendors and their customers.

You might be looking for a new design, a redesign or an upgrade; you might be building your marketplace from scratch. Either way, the Eva team has brought together smart functionalities that make both buying and selling an absolute breeze:

  • Quick product, price and order management for vendors, but also product validation for marketplace managers;
  • Category access, offer and fee control for marketplace managers.

Essentially, the marketplace manager can control most elements of a store, while also giving each individual vendor enough autonomy to keep their store running smoothly. They handle most of the workflow, while managers can focus on marketing. What’s more, Eva Marketplace includes social integration and can host an unlimited number of vendors and products. It’s always easily scalable.

In the end, it’s a triple win: managers can collect and re-invest commissions applied to each transaction, vendors promote and sell their products smoothly, with minimal setup, while customers access a wider portfolio in an e-commerce area that interests them.

Eva Marketplace includes all the functionalities available with Eva e-commerce, which our team has been developing for over 10 years, and it’s just as easily customizable. You can go here to check out a full list.

Ever since mobile surpassed desktop in product searches back in 2016, our team has been making sure everything is spotless on mobile. And unlike with other marketplaces, neither you nor your vendors need technical knowledge in order to get started. Make the most of these competitive advantages and contact the CustomSoft team to begin.