PHP Software Developer

The ideal candidate is a programmer who can think quickly and can solve problems:

  • Develops new applications and modules
  • Self-taught when it comes to new technologies needed for development
  • Can handle projects on his own and can be a good team player


  • Good knowledge of PHP/HTML/JavaScript/AJAX
  • Knowledge of relational databases interrogation
  • Knowledge of algorithms, data structues and OOP
  • Knowledge of a modern framework (Yii Framework, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, CakePHP) and mvc workflow represents an advantage
  • Experience in using ORM – Object-Relational Mapping (ActiveRecord, Doctrine) represents and advantage

We’d like to know that:

  • You’re professional and can work quality and efficiency driven
  • Ability to work with deadlines
  • You like what you do, we don’t want 9-18 people, we want passionate people, eager to learn new things on the run
  • Has the right attitude: analytic spirit, problem solving thinking


  • Motivating salary (acording to knowledge and experience)
  • Flexible workhours (8h/day)
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