The solution your online shop needs to sell more

Do you want a higher conversion rate, fewer abandoned shopping carts, better Facebook and Google ads, and access to Google and Facebook functionality before the general public? We then meet you with our partner, an incredibly customizable marketing software, and one of the few CEE companies that is both a Google Premier Partner and a Facebook Marketing Partner.

Who is

Retargeting is an automated marketing software that helps online stores automatically communicate with customers.

How does it work?

The software tracks and analyzes your users’ journey, then customizes your online store communications with them by:

Dynamic Advertisements

Quickly launch the most effective Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads that convince users to buy your products. You do not need marketing knowledge! will help you get started in a matter of minutes, it looks a lot better than the creatives created manually and they are up to 25% cheaper than the ones you are running at the moment.

Google Search and Display

On average, about 98% of visitors to an online store leave the site without placing an order. Of these, 70% will not return. The Google Search and Display ads are featured on the scene, and their capabilities offer unique advantages to online stores. Shows the most relevant products for each user and makes them enter your site by showing them offers for those products.

Facebook and Instagram

Consumer doubt to classic ads can be overcome by some better, more relevant, and better targeted. Dynamic ads from Facebook and Instagram are the best option to accomplish your goal. Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time brings a much better click and conversion rate.

By using Retargeting, you’ll soon be able to launch Google Shopping Ads, still unavailable in Romania, as well as YouTube video ads, both automatically created by the platform, without turning to IT or the designer.


Get more money from the customers you already have! Reduce the rate of leaving the site without buying anything and create the feeling that they have to buy now if they do not want to miss the offer with the help of e-mails, pop-ups, push notifications and SMS. You have everything you need to launch professional marketing campaigns without having to call a developer or designer.

Special offer

Sounds good?  We are sure that the offer below will be even more exciting. Because we are always thinking about how to make our customer’s lives more comfortable, we have created together with an exceptional offer. Fill out the form below, and you will get:

  • 300 LEI gift allocated to your Google Ads ad account – for Google Ads created accounts from
  • A dedicated Customer Success Specialist to guide you, explain your platform and its features and help you set up your campaigns
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