Top e-commerce fears

Although  global eCommerce revenue is expected to reach up to $669 billion this year, on mobile devices only, people still have fears and anxiety when placing an order.

Credit card information is stolen

As the number of cases of stolen identity and credit card fraud are rising every year, this is a legitimate fear of the online shopping customers.

It’s a “fake” store

Buying products from a virtual store that does not have a physical address can generate fear that the store does not exist.

I can’t tell how the product is really like

We are accustomed to palpable things, to see, to touch and smell (as the case may be) the merchandise we want to buy. An online store does not allow such a buying experience

My information will be sold

A common fear is that once you placed an online order and provided the contact details and information about your preferences you will be bombarded with advertisements and offers

I can’t return the product

Another fear is that once you buy the product you are stuck with it because the return procedure is tricky and involves transport costs.