Workshop: How to e-Commerce (10% discount)

The complete e-commerce guide brought to you by Vlad Diaconu

We are happy to announce that our partners from, Vlad Diaconu and Andreea Mares had recently launched their first official workshop series on the subject of e-commerce.

The first event is happening on the 24th and 25th of January 2019, in Bucharest.

About the initiative (in their own words)

Our consulting activity has offered us a very important insight: e-commerce businesses have a way greater potential to grow than their owners are aware of.

The more doors we’ve opened, the more clear it became to us that it’s not the bad decisions that keep businesses from evolving, but the fact that the key members actually don’t know what decisions to make in the first place.

The good news is, people are starting to open their eyes and be more willing to shift their perspective to newer, better alternatives to growing their businesses. This is where we kick in.

About the workshop

How to e-Commerce is intended to come as a breath of fresh air for all those who could use some guidance in launching, growing or transforming their business.

They chose a 2-days structure for this workshop, because it carries a lot of information and all participants should have the time to process it.

Who should come?

How to e-Commerce is addressed to all those who activate or intend to step into the e-commerce market. By design, this workshop is best recommended for the decision-makers in a company: business owners, C-Level executives and people from middle management.

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